2018 Results

2018 Footin.com National Figure Eight Barefoot Championships Official Results

1st Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd Keith St. Onge (Florida)
3rd Paul Stokes (Wisconsin)
4th Jon DeBelak (Wisconsin)
5th Ian Stapleman (Wisconsin)
6th Wayne King (Canada)
7th Kelly Wieringa (Michigan)
8th Joe Coda (Wisconsin)
9th Brad Pylman (Michigan)
10th Paul Miller (Indiana)
11th Mark Mahan (Wisconsin)
12th Brody Meskers (Wisconsin)
13th Nate Birchler (Wisconsin)
14th Kyle Rau (Michigan)
15th Mike Netzer (Wisconsin)
16th Ben Walker (Wisconsin)
1st Katina Davis (Australia)
2nd Cayla Fritz (Wisconsin)
3nd Liana Richardson (Wisconsin)
4th Cheri Coda (Wisconsin)
1st Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd Wayne King (Canada)
3rd Marc Donahue (Indiana)
4th Jon DeBelak (Wisconsin)
1st Mike Netzer (Wisconsin)
2nd Joe Smith (Illinois)
3rd Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)
4th Mike Rotar (Wisconsin)
1st Cale Ducane (Wisconsin)
2nd Ian Burke (Missouri)
3rd Andrew Puissant (Wisconsin)
4th Kyle Schaub (Wisconsin)
Costume Contest
1st Mike Netzer
2nd Trevor Marvin
3rd Three Amigos

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