2011 Results

Official Results

1st       Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd      Jon DeBelak (Wisconsin)
3rd       Greg Fatla (Wisconsin)
4th       Keith St. Onge (Florida)
5th       Luke Bruckner (Wisconsin)
6th       Steve Kazle (Wisconsin)
7th       Dan Ehlers (Wisconsin)
8th      Mike Netzer (Wisconsin)
9th      Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)
10th    James Weber (Wisconsin)
11th    Ron Blouw (Michigan)
12th    Joe Heilman (Minnesota)
13th    Dom Gobbo (Illinois)
14th    Jeff Asbach (Wisconsin)
15th    Tim Camodeca (Illinois)
16th    Jacob Weber (Wisconsin)

1st       Pete Fleck (Florida)
2nd`   Jon DeBelak (Wisconsin)
3rd     Marc Donahue (Indiana)
4th     Dan Ehlers (Wisconsin)
5th     JJ Link (Florida)
6th     Ron Blouw (Michigan)

1st      Kristina Ruchti (Minnesota)
2nd     Alyssa Brooks (Wisconsin)
3rd     Lauren Lindeman (Florida)
4th     Dawn Van Alstine )Wisconsin)

1st       Pierce Pluemer (Wisconsin)
2nd     Jake Wiedemeier (Wisconsin)
3rd     Issac Aukee (Michigan)
4th     Derek Buchman (Wisconsin)

1st       Bob Mahnke (Wisconsin)
2nd     Paul Elsen (Illinois)
3rd     Dave Hopkins (Michigan)

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